Basic Package

• One on one creative discussions

• Creative shoot at 1 location with 1

• 1 hour long photo session

• Basic retouching and editing

• Small gallery of high resolution

*Additional time or outfits available for an additional fee

Starts at $125

Advanced Package

• One on one creative discussions

• A minimum of a 1 hour session but not to exceed 3 hours in length

• Shoot at 1-3 locations, in 1-3 outfits

• Medium sized gallery of high
resolution images with basic to medium editing and retouching

Starts at $300

Custom Package

• Custom creative discussions
regarding your session

• Custom length of the session with custom outfit and locations

• Large gallery of high-resolution images with commercial licensing & full retouching along with editing

Contact me for price


Do you shoot destination weddings or proposals?

While I have not done this before, I am available to shoot a destination wedding or proposal. It would depend on several factors, but not limited to: availability, time to plan, etc. I'm also willing to help set up your proposal!

Will there be a second shooter?

At the moment, I do not use, or require a second shooter for the majority of my photo sessions. If I do use one, I tend to announce these things, or make my client aware of this.

Can I extend the length of my session on the day of?

Absolutely, it would require an additional fee, but as long as time permits, and I do not have something else that was scheduled in that spot ahead of time.

What kind of gear do you use?

It depends on what kind of session I am doing. For now, the majority of my work is shot with a Nikon D850, an iPhone 12, or a Nikon D7100.

Do you do branding and product photography for businesses?

Yes! This would fall in under the "custom package," listed on my investment page.

What if I want more people in my photo shoot on the day of my shoot, than originally discussed?

Unfortunately, this would require additional payment, because this would require additional planning, additional time on site, and
additional post-production work on my end (editing and re-touching).

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